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Current and former advisors

Rik Henson
Current supervisor/line manager and Assistant Director of the MRC CBSU. Works on the cognitive neuroscience of memory and the development of new neuroimaging techniques.
Lorraine Tyler
Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge and Principal Investigator on the CamCAN project.
Denny Borsboom
My advisor for my PhD project. Works on causal networks, validity theory, and latent variable theory. Founder of Psychosystems.
Han van der Maas
Professor of the methodology department. Specializes in IRT models and complex systems.
Stephen Kosslyn
My former lab at Harvard.

Other colleagues

Angelique Cramer
Works on causal network modeling of psychiatric disorders.
Ruud Wetzels
Our Bayesian Saviour
Karen L. Campbell
Studies the cognitive and neural changes that accompany normal human aging
Sacha Epskamp
R-wizard. Helped develop the package ‘Simpsons’, available here.
Marjan Bakker
Keeps us all on our toes
Gilles Dutilh
Works on modeling of practice effects. Can recognize Schubert, but has more trouble with Neil Young.
Kees-Jan Kan
Knows a lot about modeling, g, genetics, intelligence and mutualism.
Eric-Jan Wagenmakers
Will tell you that, and why, you should always use Bayesian statistics, and should feel slightly guilty when you don’t.
Dylan Molenaar
Works on modeling of ability differentiation
Scott Barry Kaufman
Works on the development of intelligence, creativity, and personality.
Gary Marcus
Works on developmental psychology, intelligence and learning.
Giorgio Ganis
My former supervisor at the Kosslyn lab, currently associate Professor at the University of Plymouth Works on neuromaging of deception, imagery, and the synthesis of various imaging techniques.
Anne-Laura van Harmelen
Clinical neuroscientist at Leiden University and the University of Cambridge, and my wife!
Willem Frankenhuis
Former fellow student at the research masters at the UvA. Works on evolutionary psychology, and developmental modeling.