Joining the lab

We regularly have visitors to the lab. Generally, we are interested in work related to developmental changes and differences in cognitive abilities such as reasoning, working memory and processing speed in childhood and old age. This includes work on the neural foundations of these abilities, external and internal influences such as the environment and increasingly using technology (e.g. tablets) to collect high temporal resolution data of cognitive change. We have a strong focus on statistical approaches to addressing such questions – For that reason, an interest in, or ideally experience with (statistical) programming languages such as R, Python and/or Matlab is essential, as is an interest in quantitative methodology such as SEM, linear mixed modeling, mixture modeling and related approaches.

Visiting students

We regularly have visiting students for periods of 6 weeks-6 months. As we don’t collect small scale data, such visits would likely be centred on analysis of existing data within or beyond the lab – Have a look at our papers to find out if there are topics that hold your interest. The earlier you reach out the easier it will be for us to help you find funding to support your visit.

PhD students

Applications for a PhD at the CBU go through our central system. It is worth reaching out to Rogier to see if your topic of interest aligns with ours. You are also encouraged to reach out to students within and beyond the lab to find out what the research environment at the CBU is like.

Postdoctoral fellows and visiting scientists

It is possible to spend part or all of a fellowship with us. If you are interested, please reach out to Rogier. We have collated an overview of relevant fellowships here. We also occasionally have ‘academic visitors’ – More senior scientists who spend time here to be inspired by cows, cams and colleges and enrich our work with their ideas.